We are seeking an administrative assistant to help with AR, AP, insurance certificates, and data collection for our design department.

Applicants should have a solid QuickBooks background, work well in Windows 7 and in Microsoft Office programs.

Typical responsibilities include:
-Entering bills in to QuickBooks
-Sending invoices to our clients, with a few different formats depending on the client's needs
-Paying bills by check, credit card and transfers
-Obtaining and distributing insurance certificates
-Supporting our design work through gathering and organizing information

I am really excited about the last item, as it relates most closely to my work as the owner and principal designer of the company. I would like our new Admin Assistant to work with us to determine what design information we need for each project, and then get that information from the appropriate party (architect, designer, homeowner, contractor, etc). Then, fill in all of this new information in a nice, tidy spreadsheet, and download specification files in to an organized folder structure within each job folder. We utilize design information throughout each project, and I am excited to have help maintaining and improving our process for collecting and holding it.
Our Business Manager will train and supervise our new Admin Assistant. Business Manager will go on maternity leave in autumn, so the primary, initial deliverable for our Admin Assistant will be to learn the basics, and identify questions and answers to support the office with the owner while Business Manager is out on leave. In the long term, Business Manager will determine how administrative workload will be distributed as our company continues to grow, and as our new Admin Assistant settles in and shows his/her best traits.


Please send your resume and cover letter via email.