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About Brian Eby



“My vision for Eby Construction is to use our operation to train less experienced staff in woodworking for the sake of mastering a trade and providing for our families.”
–Brian Eby, Owner



Our mission is to provide superior technical design, layout, production, and installation for the most outstanding architectural woodworking projects in the Bay Area.



Teamwork and communication are vital to our success. Each one of us must honor our teammates and hold each other accountable for producing quality work every day.

About Brian Eby

Brian Eby

Brian Eby

I was twelve years old when I built my first cabinet — a Ford Blue bank of drawers for my neighbor Larry's machine shop. This began my life-long love of carpentry.

I have been the owner of Eby Construction since 2005. Prior to that, I worked for many construction companies and cabinet shops where I had the opportunity to learn from amazing craftsmen, designers, clients, vendors, and construction managers. I have worked in the capacity of laborer, framer, finish carpenter, cabinet maker, project manager, production manager, volunteer, and owner. I love my job because I get to take part in transforming ideas to finished products. I don’t know of any other job that would afford me direct involvement in everything from sketch to completion.

I live in Berkeley with my wife and two children.